Trinksaifen was home for us


Author: Eva Blechová
Directors: Eva Blechová, Eva Nachmilnerová, Gabriela Albrechtová
Producers: Eva Nachmilnerová, Gabriela Albrechtová
Commissioning editors : Gabriela Albrechtová, Zdeněk Bouček (in memoriam)
Sound: Roman Špála, Dominik Budil
Narrator: Ladislav Dvořák (March 2014 version: Hana Malaníková)
English translation: Jan Starý
German translation: Silke Klein


Many people contributed to this documentary and I would like to thank at least some of them here.

First and foremost the ladies from Trinksaifen/Rudné, who generously shared their stories – Misses Severová, Boucká, and Zettlová, as well as Ms.Klocova and Ms.Schubertova, whose stories did not make it in the end, and Ms.Růžičková from Nejdek, who sang and played the zither. My big thanks go to Barbora Kosíková, who introduced me to Trinksaifen/Rudné and its residents, and who provided lots of invaluable information. The local chronicle quoted in the documentary was written by Johann Dittrich (before the war) and by Robert Šperl (after the war).

The primary inspiration comes from a workshop with Kaye Mortley in Phonurgia Nova in Arles in 2003. In the Czech Radio Vltava, the documentary was first commissioned by Zdeněk Bouček, who later unfortunately passed away. Therefore, in a way, this documentary is a hommage to him. In 2012, Gabriela Albrechtová, the producer of the “Plays And Documents of the New Generation” for the Čajovna Program, provided lots of encouragement and help in structuring the content. This resulted in the first documentary, called “A to je ta česká země/And That Is the Czech Land”, broadcast in September 2012 on Czech Radio Vltava. The second enthusiastic producer, Eva Nachmilnerová, has been the driving force behind the „Trinksaifen was home for us“ documentary broadcast in March 2013 as part of “Radiodokument” series – we changed quite a few things and the name. And of course, my gratitude also goes to the sound engineers, Roman Špála and Dominik Budil.

Other people who have helped me with encouragement, information, feedback and translation difficulties (alphabetically): Irena Feithová, Amy Goldfarb, Magda Holubová, Vladimír Kosík, Richard Kulczycki, Eve and Allan Leadbeater, Michal Lobkowicz, Zuzana Macáková, Johannes Missal, Alexander Pickar, František Severa, Tomáš Severa, Veronika Sobková, Pavel Slezák, Johannes Theron, Stanislav Zeman.

About Eva

When not developing radio projects, Eva is traveling in Europe and Asia helping business people discover new ways to connect with themselves and others, through training and coaching. She is also a performer has obtained a PhD from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, exploring the topics of improvisation in theatre and life.

She is also the author of several documentaries and radio plays for the Czech radio. More about her radio work is here.

In the 1990’s, Eva was the Chef de Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. In this role, she was involved in the negotiations leading to the signing of the Czech-German declaration in 1997.